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Battery Selector Tool

XtraPower Batteries Inc is proud to
offer this online tool to help its customers
easily assess their forklift battery needs.

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We can pick up your scrap batteries and chargers in 48 hrs and can provide disposal certificates.

Save money without sacrificing reliability and performance. Our reconditioned batteries come with a One-Year Warranty and 83%, five-hour minimum capacity. An excellent alternative for your motive power needs.

Let us extend the life of your batteries by two to four years. After two to three years, your bat-
teries will lose their ability to hold the same charge as when you first bought them. Our patented regen technology removes the sulfation that causes your battery to lose power - bringing your battery back to life!

Great Surplus Models in Stock!

12-85-13:       starting at $1100.00
18-85-23:       starting at $2700.00
18-85-33:       starting at $3700.00
18-125-13:     starting at $2200.00
18-125-17:     starting at $2700.00

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